Suicide is a crime against God, cherish your life

People living in this world always have to obey the rule of “birth, old age, sickness, death”.

In fate, people may suffer all kinds of suffering, pain, unhappiness. However, in any case, as long as they’re alive, they must cherish life. The ancients said that suicide, destroying life in order to liberate from suffering is not only useless but also a sin.

The life of ordinary people more or less depends on the amount of virtue in themselves. Causal retribution, good deeds. The more the virtues, the easier and happier the later life will be.

Do less evil deeds, get more karma. Life will be less miserable. Therefore, in that rule, a person who lives without a bit of pressure or negativity basically doesn’t exist. In these tribulations, someone must decide not to succumb to it.

However, there are also those who cannot bear and choose to escape, eventually choosing suicide to end all suffering. Suicide is never the best solution to end all suffering. Not only that, it also brings pain to our loved ones.

There are a few lucky people who have survived suicides to share what they had to go through. “Real suicide is not the path to true liberation. Instead, it is the opposite. Heaven does not accept people who commit suicide. Those who commit suicide after death will also be liable for their acts. ”

In tribulation, the path of suicide cannot bring about true liberation

On January 13, 1958, in Wellington, New Zealand, a housewife named Annie took a suicide pill. That year she was only 28 years old. She was physically humiliated. Feeling that her purity was tainted, adding guilt to her husband and children, in the end Annie chose to commit suicide to regain honor for herself and her family.

Fortunately, she was rescued in time. Afterwards, Annie seemed to have received more courage. She began a new life with her family. Over the years, while lying in her hospital bed, Annie called her best friend Michelle and told her everything she had experienced after taking a suicide pill that year.

That day, after finishing a bottle of sleeping pills, she fell into a coma. Here’s what happened next:

  1. She saw her soul leaving her body, then entered into the still darkness.
  2. Fear then overwhelmed her, that fear was greater than when she was giving birth.
  3. Annie felt that her soul kept flying slowly, feeling the time as it drifted extremely slowly.
  4. For a moment, she heard the desperate cries of her family, her husband and children, Annie could only murmur a “Sorry”.

Suddenly a bright, warm glow flashed. Annie was immediately intrigued. Strangely, this light did not use human language directly.

Instead, it used telepathy with Annie and  could understand what she was thinking and saying. That light was like a camera, showing her 28 years of life. It started from innocent childhood days. It then showed her going to work, then to when she got married, had a perfect marriage, and the time she was humiliated, to her taking a suicide pill …

Seeing her entire life before, the pain in Annie’s heart was unbearable. She begged the light to turn off, or to destroy her completely.

However, the light said to her: “In the agony of suicide, suicide cannot bring you true liberation. This act of yours has reversed this beautiful world. Although your body is humiliated, your soul is still pure and noble. Moreover, you have a family that is suffering and waiting for you. Go back, you still have a chance … ”

Annie understood that what the light told her was true. At this moment, she heard the cries of her husband and children in her ears. She then decided to return to world of the living.

In a blink of a moment, Annie awoke in the hospital bed. When she saw her family sitting next to the hospital bed, she could not help crying.

Suicide is disturbing the arrangements in Heaven

A 19-year-old boy named Robert Perz in Las Vegas, USA, decided to cut his wrist to kill himself. He and his girlfriend, Susanna, were addicted to drugs.

Fortunately, Perz was saved in time. After waking up, Robert told his girlfriend about his experience in another dimension. Robert fell into a coma. Afterwards, he felt his soul leaving his body and wandering through the air. Finally, his soul arrived in a very gloomy island.

Robert immediately saw that on the opposite side of the island was a vast, bright, bright beach. On the beach were many people. Everyone was happy. In contrast, the island he was standing on was very wet and murky. Robert wanted to fly to the shore. Sadly neither could he fly, nor swim. Instead, he kept sinking in the murky island.

At this moment, a cloud from the opposite coast flew towards the island and stopped above Robert. A voice came down and whispered, “Why are you here?”.

Robert recounted the cause and requested to be taken to the opposite beach.

The other voice replied, “Impossible, that place does not accept people who commit suicide. You have gone against the rules of nature and disturbed the arrangements and the desires of the Lord. Now, while you still have a chance, come back to being human. Use your determination to remodel yourself and help Susanna. ”

Robert replied: “You are right, I fully understand that. However, to do it is too difficult. Moreover, my current health situation cannot withstand long time. If so, it would be even happier if we got out sooner.

The voice replied harshly: “People like you, who are too weak, have difficulties, just surrender and won’t give up trying to become stronger and more resilient. Such a person can never succeed. Even after he dies, he can never go to heaven to enjoy welfare. Instead, he will have to go to receive punishment. Go back, try to save yourself and Susanna. ” The cloud then immediately disappeared.

At the same time, Robert woke up in the hospital. He looked straight at Susanna and said: “You made the right choice. Let’s face it strong & the future will be better”.

Life must abide by the laws of nature

In January 1985, Randy, the wife of Carter, a 36-year-old driver in Scotland, England, died of a fatal blood cancer. Unable to bear the pain of losing his wife, Carter killed himself with a gunshot.

Carter’s eyes darkened, and his soul immediately left his body, strayed slipped forward into a dark path. From time to time, there were shrill sounds in his ears, along with harsh screams…

Carter was frightened. He felt like he was in hell. Carter kept calling out Randy’s name. However, there was no response except for the terrible noises.

Continuing to wander for a long time, Carter came to a deserted land, far away from the horizon. There was dazzling golden sunshine, & many beautiful architectural buildings. People were happy singing there. Carter believed that Randy was there. He tried to fly to the other side. However, the magical land disappears in an instant, leaving only cold and despair.

Carter could not help crying. “Oh my God, why are you doing this?”. A sudden voice rang out, telling him to stop screaming. It was useless. The voice then asked why he chose to kill himself.

Carter said that he did it for Randy. The voice replied, “You made the wrong choice. Even though you and your wife died at the same period of time , your wife followed the laws of the universe of birth, old age, sickness, death. You violated the natural law and wasted your life. Therefore, your wife has been brought to a better world. You will be punished here & will never be able to see Randy AGAIN. ”

Carter repeatedly pleaded with the voice to let him see his wife for the last time and he would accept the punishment. However, the voice said that this was an unfulfilled wish, and advised him to return to raising children.

After the voice stopped speaking, Carter felt a force pulling him back. After going a long journey, the soul returned to his body and he woke up.

The doctor said that the probability of successful surgery was very minute, and he was very lucky. Carter knew that it is the infinite compassion of God. The person who gave him another opportunity to fulfill his duty.

Every thing that happens in life is nothing without gratuitous cause. It is the existence of karmic cause and effect in it. Ancient people have the saying: “The incompetent human body, the cause and effect of retribution are the natural laws of the universe.” So, people, cherish your precious lives and do not take your own life. 🙂

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