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Taycan (by Porsche) challenges the Tesla Model S

Tesla model s is finally being challenged by the Taycan. For those not familiar with the taycan, this is a Porsche model that has undergone an intensive 4 year development. So, what do they have in common with Tesla? Well, for starters, they are BOTH electric vehicles.

What’s the Price tag for the Taycan?

The Taycan Turbo goes for approximately 150,000 USD while the Taycan Turbo S goes for approximately 187,000 USD.

Porsche will mass-produce around 20,000 Taycans for Year one. Over time, the company will introduce less expensive versions to the market.

Interestingly, around half of customers interested in Buying a Taycan already own a Tesla. This is according to Klaus zellmer, Porsche North America CEO.

The state of Baden-Württemberg – (where the factory is located) – is ready to challenge the electric vehicle-maker from California. However, the company continues to remain diplomatic.

“To Elon Musk,” Winfried Kretschmann, the state premier of Baden-Württemberg, said through a translator at the factory’s grand opening. “With green ideas, you can be in the black, not the red.”

The Taycan will deliver between 240 and 280 miles on a full battery charge. This is less than the Model S. However, it will replenish faster, gaining more than 60 miles of range in four minutes. When the Taycan reaches american roads in December, its 800-volt system will be the fastest on the market.

The 770 million USD Porsche spent to develop the factory where the Taycan is built is part of the company’s 6.6 billion USD investment in electric mobility through 2022. The automaker plans to electrify half of its lineup by 2025. The iconic 911 is slated to be the last model to make the transition to a hybrid or battery-electric powertrain.

The Taycan, however, will prove that Porsche EVs can consistently keep up their performance despite the extra weight of the battery pack. The company ensured the electric car would still clock track times and round corners like a Porsche. The flagship Taycan Turbo S can generate up to 750 horsepower. Additionally, it can zip from 0 to 60 mph in 2.6 seconds. This is according to Porsche. The 617-horsepower Turbo model takes 3 seconds. Both can hit a top speed of 161 mph.

“The kind of person who buys high-end EVs is always after the latest thing, and Taycan makes the Model S seem ancient in comparison,”

Caldwell said.

“Ten years ago, no one could have ever guessed that two-thirds of Porsche’s sales would be SUVs. Therefore, the brand has proven that it can find success by stretching into new territory without cannibalizing its brand,” he added.

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