Tesla Model X / S ushers in major upgrade this year

A well-known Tesla system “hacker” recently discovered 2020 luxury car upgrades from Tesla software code. The upgrade includes: adding a wireless inductive mobile phone charger (in line with Qi wireless charging technology standards), an upgraded lumbar support design for the seat, adding a new charging port in the car, and a new car suspension.

Tencent Technology News is well known that the American pure electric car maker Tesla has three models, namely the Volkswagen Model 3 and the two luxury models Model X and Model S. With the popularity of the Model 3 around the world, sales of two luxury cars have fallen significantly. Tesla is doing everything possible to increase consumer interest in luxury cars. According to the latest news from foreign media, a few days ago, Tesla’s software code accidentally leaked some upgrade plans for the two luxury cars of the company in 2020.

According to reports, before the introduction of the Volkswagen Model 3, Model X and Model S were Tesla’s main models. These two luxury electric vehicles have outstanding performance and prices of up to 70,000 to 80,000 US dollars. The overall sales are relatively limited, but they have remained stable.

                                                               Sales plummeted

However, after the Model 3 with a price of about 40,000 US dollars (the lowest price was 35,000 US dollars) went on the market, it soon blew a “Model 3 whirlwind” around the world. The Model 3 also became the purest electric car that has attracted the most media attention in history. The model quickly became the mainstay of Tesla’s sales.

The more cost-effective Model 3 has impacted the sales of two luxury cars.

According to data estimated by professional organizations, in the fourth quarter of last year, Model X sales in the United States were 5,500, a 35.5% year-on-year drop, and Model S US sales were 3,750, a 49% year-on-year drop.

Looking at the whole year of last year, in the U.S. market, Tesla Model 3 sold 159,000 units, an increase of 13.7% year-on-year (an increase in global sales increased), Model X sold 19,000 units, a plunge of 26.3%, and Model S sales of 1.4 Million vehicles, a year-on-year drop of 45.2%.

In the past one or two years, Tesla has been upgrading the performance and configuration of two luxury cars, doing everything possible to stabilize sales.

                                                              Upgrade plan for this year

What major upgrades will Tesla make to Model X and Model S in 2020? A well-known Tesla system “hacker” recently discovered from the Tesla software code 2020 luxury car upgrades, including everything from battery packs to new versions of car suspension. These upgrade plans are also expected by the outside world.

Recently, the Tesla “hacker” shared the content of the upgrade plan he found in the system code on his Twitter account “Green”. These upgrades are mainly based on hardware.

The upgrades of the Model X and Model S he mentioned include: adding wireless inductive mobile phone chargers (in line with Qi wireless charging technology standards), upgraded versions of the seat’s lumbar support design, adding new charging ports in the car, and will also use a Kind of new car suspension.

According to foreign media reports, this year’s upgraded version of two luxury cars may use a touch screen similar to Model 3.

The aforementioned person mentioned that Tesla will also launch two new battery packs, but the specific mileage of a single charge is unknown.

Foreign media pointed out that the increase in wireless chargers for mobile phones also indicates that Tesla may carry out major interior upgrades of two luxury cars that have been rumored in 2020.

In fact, even without these latest breaking upgrade plans, according to Tesla’s head Musk, 2020 will still be an important year for Model S models. Musk said it plans to add a new Plaid power model to the Model S luxury sedan this summer, which will use three electric motors.

Previously, Tesla had tested the Plaid power mode of the Model S at the Nurburgring Nordschleife. He also said that the car could “roll over” the Porsche Taycan Turbo in performance.

                                                        It’s time for a major upgrade

It is worth mentioning that Tesla launched the Model S in 2012, which is the first pure electric car developed in-house by Tesla (the previous Roadster electric sports car was retrofitted on the basis of other companies’ cars), In 2016, this car undergoes a mid-term upgrade, bringing a new car front-end design.

Model X is a pure electric SUV, which was mass-produced in 2015 and has not changed significantly since its launch. According to the automotive industry standards, these two cars have a history of 8 years and 5 years, respectively, and are facing a major upgrade of the model, that is, an upgrade in the middle of the entire product life cycle.

According to Musk’s plan, Tesla first produced pure electric luxury models when it was born, gradually improved product design capabilities, and at the same time ensured a certain profit rate for the niche group. With the improvement of design capabilities and large-scale mass production technology, Tesla has started to enter the Volkswagen from luxury cars. The lowest price of Model 3 is $ 35,000, which is also the average price of the US auto market. The cost of the car has been reduced to the level of ordinary people.

This year, Tesla will begin mass production of another Volkswagen Model Y, an SUV that competes with the Model X. Tesla previously notified its suppliers to speed up the supply of parts. In addition, the company also obtained a certification from the California government. According to past practice, Tesla is likely to start delivering Model Y to subscribers in the next few months. . Whether this car will further impact the sales of Model X is still unknown.

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