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The FBI uses Facebook ads to recruit Russian spies and commits typos

According to CNN, the FBI has been displaying ads on Facebook for some time to recruit spies from Russia. They would then become double agents at the service of the United States.

The ads are targeted at Russian spies and also at people who know about the FBI’s work. The content of the posts is in English. However, the pictures decorating them have subtitles in Russian. The ads come from the official FBI service account and are marked with their logo.

Each post is accompanied by an English commentary “The FBI obtains the best intelligence to fight threats, thanks to information from the public. If you have such information, visit us.” The pictures show various Russian signatures that are to create a kind of language game with the picture.

And so we have a stock photo of a young student in a gown and university hat, together with her parents, embellished with the words “For the future, for the future of your family.” Another photo is a chessboard and the question: “Is it not time for your move?” crossing the bridge and signature: “Time to build bridges”.

Some phrases in Russian are awkwardly structured, and there are also spelling mistakes. This suggests that they were not created by a person who uses this language on a daily basis .

FBI ads redirect to the Federal Bureau of Investigation

Clicking on the link takes you directly to the FBI field office site in Washington. There is information, both in English and Russian, about the US counterintelligence team and the address of the Washington office with the note “visit us personally”. CNN reached the three ads described above. However, their friend source claims there were more because the FBI was campaigning all summer.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation did not confirm any information in this case, did not indicate how many people saw the ad and how many responded to it. However, posts are public and visible to everyone using the Facebook ad tracking tool.

The FBI does not comment on the whole matter, enigmatically emphasizing that Russia has a large group of spies placed in diplomatic missions around the world who are very active and pose a threat to the US and its allies. Accordingly, the FBI uses a variety of means of obtaining information, including those provided by various sources.

Bob Baer, ​​a former CIA agent and current CNN intelligence analyst, said the FBI path was a good idea. He claims that 99 percent Russian spies come alone and decide to cooperate with the US government. Therefore, this type of campaign can be effective and will allow the agency to build a network of informants among Russian spies.

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