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The impressive transparent LG TV goes to Poland. You won’t guess how much it costs

LG introduces the first transparent TV to Poland. The innovative T-OLED panel has 55 inches and a 38% level of transparency, which impresses with its appearance and potential. The Polish price of the device is cosmically high. However, the screen is not intended for mass recipients.

We heard about transparent TVs for the first time a few years ago. Until now, their availability has been limited only to fairs such as CES in Las Vegas and IFA in Berlin. However, technology is still developing and becoming more and more affordable, thanks to which we will soon be able to find such TV sets, including in shopping malls.

A transparent revolution from LG in Poland

Now the first transparent TV (actually a screen the size of a TV) goes to Poland. The LG T-OLED model has a 55-inch diagonal, Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels), a maximum brightness of 400 cd / sq m and a response time of 1 millisecond. The operating time was, in turn, calculated at 30,000 hours.

However, what is most important in the case of T-OLED is a 38% level of transparency. This means that the TV’s OLED panel lets in more than 1/3 of the external light, thanks to which the viewer is able to see everything behind the device.

LG boasts that the transparency of the TV is several times higher than that of LCD panels, which achieve transparency of up to 10 percent. For a person standing in front of the screen, the displayed image is superimposed on objects placed behind the TV.

How does a transparent TV work?

In the case of the T-OLED panel from LG, the transparent color is black (in LCD it is white, which looks much worse). To be more precise, organic diodes used in OLED do not emit light when reflecting black. This ensures great contrast in a traditional TV or transparency in T-OLED.

This means that the futuristic TV from LG is transparent only in the dark parts of the picture. Light-emitting diodes (and therefore displaying all other colors) cover objects placed behind the TV. Thanks to this, when we reproduce a photograph of the city’s night panorama, the black sky will be transparent by passing the image on the TV.

What will T-OLED be useful for?

Of course, one of the most innovative LG TVs is not targeted at individual customers. LG excels in business applications. A transparent TV set may be useful, among others in shop windows or shopping malls encouraging customers to come inside. LG declares that in the retail industry T-OLED “will allow a new dimension of interaction”.

Thanks to LG Transparent OLED, imagination has become reality. Undoubtedly, Transparent OLED is currently the most innovative product in the portfolio dedicated to business solutions from LG. Innovative not only from the point of view of the LGE company but also from the entire AV market. Thanks to the transparency, this display perfectly harmonizes with the surroundings, allowing you to see exactly what is behind the screen. This product is ideally suited as a solution e.g. for the retail industry, stimulating the customer’s imagination and encouraging him to visit a store or car showroom

– says Robert Buława, LGE ID Sales Director.

Stores, however, are not the only places where the transparent TV model from LG may appear soon. It is not difficult to imagine that T-OLED will also be used, e.g. in the aviation industry, museums, art galleries, company headquarters, and maybe in the homes of wealthy technology fans.

And it’s very prosperous, because the purchase of T-OLED is associated with a really big expense. The Polish reference price of this model is PLN 111,000. Fortunately, in business applications, the cost of the TV should pay for itself after some time.

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