The Lakers cried in memory of the legendary Kobe Bryant

On the morning of February 1, the Los Angeles Lakers held a tribute to the Kobe Bryant player before facing the Portland Trail Blazers in the NBA 2019/20 regular season.

The US Professional Basketball League in particular and the world sports industry in general were shocked, when the legendary Kobe Bryant suddenly died of a helicopter crash on January 26. This is the Lakers’ first match since Bryant’s death. All Lakers players wore shirts printed with numbers 8 and 24 during the boot to pay tribute to their seniors. These two shirts are associated with Bryant’s famous career at Staples Center.

The Lakers took the most formal position for Bryant and Gianna’s shirts. Gianna’s daughter unfortunately took the same flight with Bryant and permanently left. For the Lakers fans, it was a shock, because just a few weeks ago, Bryant went to the Staples Center to cheer on the Lakers and celebrate with LeBron James.

Singer Usher opened the tribute with Bryant’s own song. Usher’s inspirational voice made many fans at the Staples Center burst into tears. The television camera recorded loud cries, and somewhere there was a group of fans shouting “Kobe Bryant”.

The Lakers, not even the strongest, like LeBron James and Anthony Davis, could not contain their emotions. Bryant has a special place in the hearts of all NBA players because of the greatness he has achieved after 20 years of playing football. James calls Bryant the greatest inspiration he has ever known to pursue his passion with the orange ball.

In the dark, James quickly wiped away tears. Sitting next to “King James” is Quinn Cook, the most teared player on the Lakers side. It was Bryant who inspired Cook to rise in basketball. This player decided to change the shirt number to 28 to pay tribute to Bryant and Gianna.

After Bryant’s sudden death, the Lakers are determined to win this season. Dwight Howard used to have a disagreeable relationship with Bryant, but said: “Just like a brother in the family. They may hate each other every day, but at the end it is still the heart of love and direction towards each other. I and Bryant is like that. ”

The Lakers leadership prepared a shirt with the number 8 and 24 printed on it. All fans who come to the Staples Center to watch today’s match will wear it, dye the game field yellow.

Bryant is considered the best Lakers player ever in history. When Bryant wore the No. 8 shirt, he and Shaq O’Neal “stormed and stormed” for many years, bringing back three championships for the Lakers. Later, Bryant moved to No. 24 with the desire to change himself towards more mature and many unexplained implications. Bryant removed the “must depend on Shaq” stereotype by leading the Lakers to win two more championships.

“Black Mamba” (Bryant’s nickname) is forever gone, but the legacy of 5 NBA championships, 2 MVP finals and 18 All-Stars appearances is still there. His number 8 and 24 shirts were suspended at the beginning of 2018. Not only the Lakers, many NBA teams decided to permanently suspend Bryant’s shirt number

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