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The new series of Android 11 features makes the Pixel 5 more useful

Pixel 5 will be the next generation of smartphones developed and manufactured by Google itself.
It wasn’t until the end of the year that it launched, but rumors about the Pixel 5 have begun to appear. On February 21, the image of the Pixel 5 was first uploaded with a cluster of 3 cameras behind the U-shaped rather strange. Previously, many information that the machine will be equipped with mid-range configuration instead of advanced as the previous Pixel.

Also on February 21, Google released the first test version of Android 11, the Android version will be pre-installed on Pixel 5.

Each Android version tested when released brings new features and interface. Despite being the first beta, Android 11 has revealed some new features that the Pixel 5 can equip.

                                                       Stop the music with Motion Sense
First appearing on the Pixel 4 series, Motion Sense is a gesture control feature that uses a radar sensor called Soli. Considered one of the unique features of Pixel 4, but Motion Sense received a lot of criticism due to little effect, losing the aesthetic when having to spend a black strip on the screen for the Soli sensor.

However, it seems that Google still retains the Soli sensor on Pixel 5 when the installation of Android 11 shows that users can stop the music by tapping on the space above the screen.

That means the device will continue to feature Motion Sense series with a very thick screen border. In a leaked photo a few days ago, the top bezel of the Pixel 5 can be quite large.

Since the Soli sensor attaches to the face recognition system, it will be a big plus if the Pixel 5 supports 3D face recognition.

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