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The new Windows will update in 90 seconds

Users will not have to wait for hours to update Windows anymore.
Windows 10X, the special version of Windows 10 for a dual-screen device, is a lot different from Windows 10. In addition to the interface and controls, Windows 10X will be able to download updates to the computer, start up again and switch to using the new version in just 90 seconds.

That’s information that Microsoft has just revealed in a shared about Windows 10X with developers on February 10.

Surely this is one of the biggest advantages of Windows 10X over the regular version of Windows 10, which takes several tens of minutes, even hours to update even with high-configuration machines.

To do this, Microsoft developed a special update process for Windows 10X. Specifically, the Windows 10X system files, drivers, and applications are separate on different areas, so Microsoft only needs to migrate to the new software version immediately after restarting the device.

In addition, “container” technology is also applied to prevent Win32 applications from affecting the file system during the update.

2019 is the beginning of foldable smartphones with pioneering names such as Galaxy Fold or Huawei Mate X. Sang to 2020, improvements in technology and durability promise to bring exciting and unique products. more thoughtful.

In October last year, Microsoft launched Surface Neo, its first dual-screen device running Windows 10X. Each portion of the screen measures 9 inches, 5.6 mm thick, and weighs 655 grams. The Windows 10X platform is designed to make the most of two monitors’ efficiency when two parallel applications can be run on each screen. Apps can automatically align when users fold the device.

Not only Surface Neo, but most other devices running Windows 10X will also be equipped with Intel’s new Lakefield processor. It’s unclear what the actual performance of this chip is, but Microsoft says it will include high-performance cores for standard desktop applications and low-performance for basic applications to optimize power consumption. of the product.

Currently Windows 10X is still in beta. Microsoft plans to officially launch Windows 10X with the Surface Neo later this year.

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