This contact lens will help you have super powers like Iron Man

The Mojo Lens display screen has a size of 0.48 mm and a pixel density of more than 14,000 ppi. The wearer can interact by long looking at the icons.
A startup called Mojo Vision has revealed a smart contact lens that allows users to extend their night vision. Not stopping there, the company says it can display information such as calendars or messages directly to your view.

Mojo Lens is a very small screen that incorporates the microelectronics needed to create an augmented reality experience. All of them are placed directly inside a contact lens.

The goal of this project is to create a screen that only the wearer can see and interact with the eye features. Accordingly, when looking to the side of the screen, a series of icons will appear and you just choose by looking at them for a few seconds.

That way, you can quickly access information such as schedules, messages, alerts, to-do lists, or directions. Mojo also said its software will change according to the context so as not to affect the wearer’s vision.

Installing everything on a tiny screen and attaching it to contact lenses is not easy. In fact, the current test versions of Mojo Vision are still using virtual reality glasses instead of contact lenses.

Before Mojo, Alphabet (Google’s parent company) also developed a contact lens that can measure diabetes. However, at the end of 2018, this project was halted because integrating the necessary sensors and lenses into a small device like contact lenses was not easy.

This device is expected to have a battery life of about 1 day. The display screen has a size of 0.48 mm and a pixel density of more than 14,000 ppi.

Mojo said it now receives investment from a number of big players such as HP Tech Ventures, LG and Motorola Solutions. The company says it is working to make the device work at its best and prepare through medical approval procedures.

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