This man stole over 10,000 company chickens

A 33-year-old Malaysian man was jailed for 16 months for stealing more than 10,000 chickens and five chicken wings of a distribution company.

According to the South China Morning Post, Malaysia’s Au Yong Seh Enn pleaded guilty Monday to the theft of the company’s fresh chicken, frozen chicken and chicken wings.

He has been working for Singapore chicken distribution company Hy-Fresh Industries since December 2013.

Two employees at Hy-Fresh discovered a big difference in the number of products from September, October and November last year. The company director, Ng Lay Hong, 60, alerted the police on January 7 after learning the information.

Au Yong later admitted the theft of fresh chicken, frozen chicken and sold to third parties. He sold the chickens stolen totaling approximately 50,000 SGD to 60,000 SGD ( 35,974 USD to 43,170 USD ).

Prosecutor Rimplejit Kaur said he used the money to pay off debt and gambling.

Au Yong sold to third parties with a carton of 10 pieces of chicken. In September 2019, 2,337 chickens were stolen. Based on customer orders, the company discovered that the number of chickens in stock should be 2,501 chickens, but only 164 were in stock.

In the following month, he took 4,268 chickens, the amount of damage amounted to 12,200 SGD ( 8,791 USD ). By the end of November 2019, Au Yong caused an additional damage of SGD 11,600 ( US $ 8,345 ).

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