U.S. court rules Apple must pay $ 85 million for infringement of communications patents

WiLan has accused Apple of infringing two patents covering the way smartphones make calls and download data simultaneously.

Tencent Technology reported that Apple Inc., which has “made a big move”, has encountered a large number of patent infringement lawsuits in the past. Many of these lawsuits were some kind of “ransom” against Apple by the “patent rogue” company, and the court did not support the plaintiff. However, according to the latest news from foreign media, a jury in a San Diego, California, US court ruled that Apple must pay USD 85 million to QuarterLan subsidiary WiLan for infringement of the other party’s wireless communication related patents.

According to foreign media reports, WiLan has accused Apple of infringing two patents covering the way that a smartphone can make calls and download data simultaneously.

In a 2018 trial in the same lawsuit, another jury ruled that Apple had infringed the plaintiff’s patent rights and had to pay $ 145 million, but a new trial was conducted in the case, which re-determined the amount of compensation.

For the past ten years, WiLan has been fighting Apple, asking Apple to pay royalties, but has not been successful. WiLan determined the amount requested based on Apple sales.

Apple argued in court documents that WiLan did not provide enough evidence to help the jury decide that it is entitled to any compensation.

Last year, U.S. District Judge Dana Sabraw refused to reject Apple’s patent infringement ruling in the first trial, but he agreed with Apple that WiLan used an incorrect method to calculate The royalties that should be charged. He said WiLan would either accept $ 10 million in damages or let the case go back to trial. The plaintiff company chose a new trial.

The company said in November last year that in the first nine months of last year, Ottawa-based parent company Quarterhill had sales of $ 107.6 million, of which patent licensing fees accounted for more than half of them.

This patent infringement lawsuit can be traced back to 2014, when WiLan issued a warning to Apple because Apple’s smartphone and tablet products violated the company’s six patents.

Apple argued in a non-infringement ruling that the intellectual property contained in the WiLan allegations belonged to the same patent family as an independent patent in another lawsuit not yet pronounced in Florida at the time.

The court ruled that two patents infringed by Apple were directed to “method and device for bandwidth request / license agreement in wireless communication system”, and the other was “adaptation used in wireless communication system for Apple’s smartphone” Call admission control. ”

For the plaintiff, although the patent infringement compensation in the second trial did not reach the original level of $ 145 million, it increased from $ 10 million to $ 85 million.

Apple may appeal the US court’s decision. At present, Apple and WiLan and Quarterhill have not commented.

Compensation for multiple defeats

For Apple, although the company was frequently sued by the news of patent hooligans, and even some media sympathized with Apple’s experience, in the past many years, Apple has repeatedly lost in some patent infringement lawsuits. Party compensates a large amount of funds.

In 2018, a U.S. court ruled that Apple infringed a number of VirnetX patents and had to pay the other party $ 500 million.

In 2017, Apple was ordered by the court to pay US $ 500 million to the University of Wisconsin for infringing the other party’s patent rights.

In 2016, Apple’s video chat tool, FaceTime, was sentenced by the court to infringe others’ patent rights, and the court demanded that Apple pay USD 300 million in compensation.

In 2011, Apple’s tablet and smartphone were also sentenced to $ 8 million in compensation for patent infringement. The company that sued Apple this time was Personal Audio.

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