Using Windows 7, what to do when Microsoft stops supporting?

Security experts urge Windows 7 users to upgrade their operating systems after Microsoft decided not to support the old operating software.
Microsoft stopped supporting Windows 7 operating system starting January 14. The famous US technology group came to this decision to focus on developing more advanced technologies and operating systems.

Accordingly, people who are using Windows 7 will no longer receive important security updates and patches to help keep their computers safe.

Stopping updates and supporting Windows 7 operating system is a calculated move for Microsoft. They decided to end the cat and mouse game with hackers who were always trying to exploit software bugs in Windows 7. If hackers continue to find vulnerabilities in Windows 7, Microsoft will not take the effort. the power to fix them too.

Instead, Microsoft will focus and focus more on the features and security of new operating systems such as Windows 10.

Microsoft’s decision to discontinue support for Windows 7 can confuse many loyal users of the operating system. According to statistics website StatCorer, an estimated 1 in 4 Windows users are still using Windows 7.

However, many cybersecurity experts, as well as Microsoft’s own representative, recommend that Windows 7 users need to switch to a new supported operating system as soon as possible.

Continued use of an unsupported operating system such as Windows 7 may harm the user. Photo: CNN.
“Without continued software and security updates, Windows 7 machines are more likely to be infected with viruses and malware,” Microsoft wrote on its website. In addition, the use of unsupported operating systems also allows hackers to invade, disable computers or steal personal information and data with malware.

To avoid these insecure situations, the best way for users is to switch to a new operating system and adapt to them. Microsoft is calling on customers to give up Windows 7 and choose Windows 10 for $ 156 (about 3.6 million) as the main operating system.

“The best way for you to use your computer safely is on Windows 10. And ideally, install and experience Windows 10 on a new computer.” Microsoft shared.

To run Windows 10, the computer must have a 1GHz processor, 16GB hard drive capacity and 1GB RAM. You can still install Windows 10 on an old computer, but Microsoft warns that the operating system might not work properly if it does.

Besides individual users, businesses are also heavily influenced by Microsoft’s decision to discontinue support for Windows 7. Some companies rely heavily on applications that only work with Windows 7.

But unlike regular users, businesses can pay Microsoft if they want to continue receiving updates for Windows 7 Professional or Windows 7 Enterprise.

Windows 7 extended security patch will remain open for sale until 2023 for businesses of all sizes. Costs range from USD 25-200 per device and increase each year.

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