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Wearing fake AirPods causes health damage

A French magazine concluded this after testing fake AirPods from China.
AirPods are the product with the highest market share in the market of completely wireless headphones (true-wireless). According to Strategy Analytics report , Apple sold nearly 60 million AirPods in 2019, accounting for nearly 71% of the market’s turnover and holding 54.4% of the market share.

Similar to the iPhone , the popularity makes AirPods a lot of clones. The AirPods Pro price of $ 159 is considered quite high, not to mention the higher-end AirPods Pro version is even more expensive ( $ 249 ). Therefore, those who have tight pockets often choose the Chinese counterfeit versions with cheaper prices, only from a few hundred thousand to less than a million.

French magazine 60 million consumers tested fake AirPods advertised by some YouTubers and celebrities to check if they worked.

The tested products are quite diverse, some of them just copy design, while some more expensive products also copy Apple H1 chip to connect quickly to Apple devices.

According to GizChina , reporters ordered 7 different pairs of AirPods, but only 4 were delivered, the remaining 3 were “mysteriously lost” when shipped. Out of the 4 units received, one didn’t work. As such, only 3 AirPods were tested.

After testing, the reporter concluded that their sound quality was quite normal, however, one that had a maximum volume exceeding the recommended level of up to 10 dB, could endanger users’ hearing.

Thus, it can be seen that counterfeit and pirated goods are often produced sloppily, rarely meet the safety standards from international organizations.

Not surprisingly, 60 million consumers advised users not to buy all three of the fake AirPods. In addition, everyone should be careful when buying wireless headphones, so choose products from big brands, ensuring safety standards even though the price will be slightly higher.

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