What did Federer say after his defeat to Djokovic?

“I have only 3% chance to win against him,” the Swiss legend opened the interview after putting the racket on Novak Djokovic in the Australian Open semi-finals.
Federer went on to describe today’s defeat as “horrible”. The 38-year-old also admitted that Nole was better and the victory for the Serbian was indisputable.

“It’s always very difficult when you have only 3% chance to win. But it’s better than nothing,” Federer said. Before entering the match, the owner of 20 Grand Slam titles suffered a groin injury. This was the result of FedEx’s attempt to beat Tennys Sandgren in the quarterfinals, a match where the “Express Train” saved up to 7 match-points.

On the afternoon of January 30, Djokovic won a convincing 3-0 victory over Federer to win the right to the final of the Australian Open. In three sets, Nole overwhelmed and showed superiority. “Express train” only created a little difficulty for the opponent in the first set when leading 4-1. However, Nole calmly balanced the score and came from behind.

Sharing with the press, Federer did not blame the body for injuries so it affected the performance. He said: “I think I am strong enough to play and can overcome difficulties. I will never play if I think I have no chance to win.”

In this match, Federer started well in set 1. He led 4-1 and 40-0 in the 6th game. However, this is also the best “Express Train” can do. Making many mistakes made FedEx lose advantages and let Nole reverse the situation.

Despite losing, Federer was still optimistic. He believes the aftershocks from today’s failure will not cling to him for long. “Express train” is also full of confidence can win more Grand Slam titles, although about to turn 39.

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