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Who is the corona virus pandemic enriching?

The number of people playing games in China increased sharply during the corona virus outbreak. In addition, the demand for video sharing platforms and health advice has also increased.

According to SCMP , millions of Chinese in Wuhan and surrounding areas are quarantining themselves at home during the corona virus outbreak. They are also more active on the Internet environment or working online to reduce boredom during this time.

That makes many tech companies operating in gaming, team applications or health consulting benefit.

“Game companies will be the biggest beneficiaries during the corona virus outbreak,” said Jialong Shi, an analyst from Nomura in a report. He shared that most games in China have an increase in the number of players and playing time.

Tencent’s Honor of Kings game is leading the ranking with more than 100 million daily active users. According to Nomura, this figure is much higher than the normal level of about 60-70 million people.

“It is expected that the number of players will continue because many universities in China have extended their vacation to the middle or the end of February. Students will become the leading user group to participate in online games and games. on mobile, ”Shi said.

Sinolinks Securities also agrees with the idea that gaming companies are benefiting most from the corona virus outbreak. The company predicts that the Honor of Kings game will reach 120-150 million daily active users in the near future, the highest level ever.

Most recently, a special game, Plague Inc, has attracted much attention from Chinese people. This 8-year-old game has become the leading paid app on iOS in China because it describes the deadly virus spread around the world.

Besides games, short videos are also a source of entertainment for people in China. These platforms are seeing massive growth from millions of users who don’t know what to spend their free time indoors.

Video sharing services are not just for killing time. Residents of Wuhan, where the virus outbreaks are currently blocked, use short video apps like Douyin and Kuaishou to post the latest news on the plague or record their daily lives.

Initially, the Chinese New Year holiday is expected to end on January 31. However, to limit the spread of the corona virus, a series of businesses delayed business operations, others asked their employees to work online at home. This has even led to an overload of office applications like Alibaba’s DingTalk, Tencent’s WeChat Work, Slack-like Lark from Bytedance or WeLink from Huawei.

According to a statement posted on Weibo, employees of more than 10 million companies already work on the DingTalk platform. The number of users quickly exceeded 200 million and made it the leading free app in China.

Not only that, Chinese people also tend to use health counseling services on the Internet. According to a spokesperson for WeDoctor, they provided about 777,000 online consultations between January 23-30. He added that the consultants usually cost from 19 to 29 USD . However, it will be free if related to corona virus.

As of January 29, the platform shared that it had processed 1.21 million online health consultations nationwide. The number increased by 4 times compared to the same period last year.

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