Who is the hacker that exposed Man City’s fraud?

The person behind the confidential information that led to the decision to punish Man City that shocked the football world is a hacker in jail.

According to the Daily Mail , Man City’s fraud exponent was Rui Pinto, a Portuguese but living in Budapest (Hungary).

He is the man behind Football Leaks, an organization that uncovers secrets in the world of football, one of which has just caused City to receive a ban on attending the European Cup for the next two years and pay a fine of 30 million euros.

In 2015, while in his home in Portugal, Pinto found documents that denounced frauds in Man City’s finances and brought them to light by combining them with Der Spiegel magazine. (Virtue).

Not only that, according to the Daily Mail , Pinto also stores more than 70 million documents and 3.4 terabytes of information, including many contacts of major football clubs in Europe.

Pinto was the one to uncover the secrets of world football, but in his native Portugal, he was a criminal. After the famous Football Leaks and receiving investigation from the authorities, Pinto left his hometown to flee to Budapest (Hungary). Portuguese authorities even identified Football Leaks as “organized crime”.

Pinto was arrested in January 2019 for allegedly attacking information of football organizations throughout Europe. 2 months later, he was extradited to Portugal and awaited trial.

In December 2019, Pinto responded to a media interview. This hacker is quite calm when admitting the crimes and has concussive shares.

“I know anything is possible. I know I will be prosecuted so I’m always ready for this. They are afraid of what I know,” he said.

“At first I wrote notes in a notebook but then it was stolen. My cell phone was also confiscated. My lawyers insisted it was illegal. Portuguese prosecutors do whatever they want, “Pinto added.

On February 13, Pinto was denied an appeal and faced 90 different charges from illegal intrusion, vandalism and fraud.

After Man City received a penalty from UEFA, social media users around the world are spreading the keyword #freepinto (release Pinto).

Sportbible commented to the fans, the Portuguese hacker is the hero when exposing the dark side of the rich money of Man City.

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