Why do people like to install Windows on a Macbook?

The macOS operating system is powerful, simple and easy to use with loads of useful free applications. But people still prefer to install Windows on a Macbook.

These are the reasons users install Windows on their Mac:

Windows supports many games

Compared to game consoles like PlayStation or Xbox, playing games on computers often gives higher performance, less jerky lag and more game store. However, most PC games only support Windows, not macOS.

Although Steam still supports Macs, the number of games you can download is very small. Because macOS market share is not as much as Windows, developers often do not publish games for Mac but still prefer Windows.

If a game supports Macs, they won’t work as well as Windows, which is very jerky and slow.

According to MakeUseOf, if you play games on a Windows-based Mac, their performance will usually be slightly higher than that of a Windows PC with the same configuration.

In short, you will need to install Windows if you want to play games on your Mac.

Many software only supports Windows

Not just games, some specialized software for engineers, researchers, architects only for Windows, or Mac support but not full features.

Every year, the market for macOS increases, which motivates developers to create their software for macOS. However, while Adobe or Microsoft Office software already supports macOS, there are still many software available only on Windows.

Besides installing Windows directly, installing a virtual machine is also an appropriate choice, but performance will be reduced. If you want the software to work best, you should still use Boot Camp to install Windows in parallel with the Mac. If not, installing a virtual machine will be simpler when you can open Windows as a normal application, but it will consume resources because the machine must run two operating systems at the same time.

Of course, there will be more specialized software to support the Mac as this model is more popular, but for now, Windows is still the preferred choice.

Programmers need Windows to try the software

Developing an application or website is a difficult job, one of the most time-consuming steps is to test products and fix bugs.

If you want to test software on both macOS and Windows, you will have to try them on both platforms. In many cases, an application runs very well on one platform but does not work, or an error occurs on another platform.

If you don’t have two different computers, the easiest way to test the software on two platforms is to install Windows on your Mac. Of course, not only Windows, you can also install Linux to test applications on many different platforms.

Macs are … the best computers that can run Windows

You may not believe it, but it’s true. Apple’s computer has a sharp, high-quality Retina display, great speakers, a slim, light-weight design, and great battery life.

Without price, the Mac is definitely the best Windows computer on the market. Apple’s support service is also appreciated and professional. They are ready to help you install Windows if you encounter difficulties.

Even with Windows installed, you can still reboot with macOS at the touch of a button. Meanwhile, installing macOS on a Windows (Hackintosh) computer is very difficult and time-consuming, sometimes having to replace components inside the computer to get Mac-supported components.

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