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Will Apple be soon launching a folding screen iPhone?

This Apple phone probably won’t wrinkle in the middle like the first foldable smartphone.

The latest trend of current smartphones is a foldable display. Many folding phones were introduced in 2019 such as Samsung Galaxy Fold , Huawei Mate X, and many developing devices from Xiaomi, Oppo, Huawei …

Apple probably doesn’t want to stay out of the game and is preparing for its own folding smartphone. In a file titled “Electronic devices with flexible displays and hinges,” published by the US Patent and Trademark Office, Apple described the design of a foldable smartphone.

According to the profile, Apple bends the screen in a way that causes the middle part to bend slightly outward before folding the screen. This allows the main parts and the edges of the screen to interact flexibly with each other without being affected by the curved area, while allowing the curved part to operate at an extended radius, minimizing pressure of parts.

The key point in this design is the hinge, with a rotating mechanism that allows the screen to flexibly move when folded, while creating enough space for the screen to not collide with other parts when folded. In addition, a rack and gear system can be used to maintain the distance of the case and screen.

This is a very complex design, but not necessarily a design that is applied on foldable iPhone . Every week, Apple submits many applications for a patent, in fact not all of its ideas are realized. However, patents also bring hope for a completely new style of iPhone.

If you follow the records that Apple has registered, you can see they have been interested in folding design for a long time. In 2018, Apple was granted a patent for a project with the same name: “Electronic devices with flexible screens”.

Apple products have a folding style inward similar to the Galaxy Fold but the back can bend like the screen on the front, instead of having to use separate hinges. The protective glass is made of glass, sapphire or zirconia.

They also investigated a larger device with a zigzag-type bend screen, a wraparound screen, or a foldable phone that can “pin” into clothing.

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