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Windows 10 already has 900 million devices. Will it reach a BILLION next year?

Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 is already on over 900 million devices. It took the system over 4 years to break this barrier. However, the growth rate is great and we can already expect 1 billion installations next year.

Windows 10 debuted on July 29 , 2015. Since then Microsoft has been doing everything to encourage as many people as possible to install the new system. For the first year since its release, it even offered the option of free transfers from previous versions of Windows.

Microsoft also declared that in just 2-3 years Windows 10 will be on the billion devices. The company withdrew from this declaration quickly. This is because the pace at which the number of users significantly decreased. However, the upward trend was maintained.

The effects of this can now be seen, because Microsoft has just boasted that Windows 10 is already on 900 million devices.

It is worth noting that Microsoft, when calculating statistics for Windows 10, includes not only computers, but all devices working under this system. Thus, in the 900 million devices group, we also have equipment such as AR HoloLens glasses, Xbox One consoles and Surface Hub displays.


It may be a billion soon

After all, we are dealing with a significant jump in popularity, because 800 million installations of Windows 10 reached only six months ago – in March this year. What’s more, Microsoft reports that in the last 12 months it managed to attract more users to Windows 10 than in any other (12-month) period.

The increase in interest in the latest operating system from Microsoft is probably related to the impending end of support for Windows 7. Please note, Windows 7 will be deprived of new security patches as early as January 14, 2020.

If the pace of installing Windows 10 on new devices continues, Windows 10 should break the magic barrier of 1 billion copies of the system delivered to the market next year.

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