Young people ‘hack’ the airport screen to play PS4

A young man indifferently plugged a PlayStation 4 into an information screen at the airport to play Apex Legends.
The rare incident occurred at Portland International Airport (USA) on the morning of January 16 (local time). According to KXL , a passenger waiting for the trip took the PS4 in the suitcase and plugged it into the screen showing the airport map to play the game.

Shortly after, airport staff quickly arrived to check on the “hacked” screen. When asked to unplug and stop using the screen, this guy politely asked to play the whole game.

Of course, young people’s requests were not accepted because many passengers needed to see information screens. After a convincing recovery, the boy happily obeyed the regulations and shut down the game without fighting.

Speaking to the press, Kama Simonds, Portland Airport representative said this is an example of actions not taken at the airport.

There have been many cases of passengers doing silly jobs (accidentally and intentionally) at the airport. In August 2019, a passenger at Munich Airport (Germany) pressed the wrong emergency button that triggered the alarm. The incident caused the airport to be in chaos for 4 hours, more than 130 flights canceled, affecting 5,000 passengers.

In June 2017, a Chinese grandmother suspended China Southern’s flight for 5 hours because … throwing 9 coins into the engine for good luck. In March 2016, passengers and crew on a flight of this airline were panicked when someone tried to open the emergency exit because they thought it was the toilet door.

There are also some cases of joking in the wrong place. In April 2017, a 28-year-old woman was banned from flying because she joked with security personnel that she was carrying a bomb. Earlier in March 2016, a flight from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) to Banda Aceh (Indonesia) was delayed because the flight attendant heard the passenger say the word “bomb”, which turned out to be a joke in the local language meaning “there may be bombs”

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